How it began…

August 6th, 2015 the Colorado Association of Law Libraries, and the sturm2Colorado Association of Libraries New Professional’s Interest Group, hosted the Second Annual Rocky Mountain Mini Conference at the University of Denver. The conference was comprised of four presentations from three speakers and a panel of librarians.

The first two presentation focused on competitive intelligence and market research. Following these presentations, was a discussion panel. The panel consisted of three librarians from a public library, academic library, and special library respectively. In addition to the librarians was a representative from EBSCO. The panelists discussed E-book acquisition and how their organizations have been affected by the transition away from traditional books.

While the presentations and the panel were both compelling and informative, it was the final speaker, Vivienne Houghton, whose presentation contained the most personally relevant information. The final presentation focused on building and maintaining a personal website. It was because of this discussion that we are here. Vivienne’s presentation inspired me to build this website, not only to market myself to future potential employers, but also to record my professional projects and accomplishments.

My hope is for this website to illustrate my work experience and professional advances, as well as demonstrate my personality. Please take your time and explore the site, and do not hesitate to contact me.

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