Professional Development Series

The Library and Information Association of New Zealand (LIANZA) charts the areas of competency for the field of Library and Information Science in a Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) mapping system. While enrolled in the course Advanced Reference Service and Strategies, I was encouraged to examine the various BoKs.

In the pursuit of my professional development plan I explored the BoK map and, focusing on three of the BoK segments, chose to create corresponding projects which would allow me to grow professionally,

I zeroed in on BoK 9 Management of Information Agencies/Organizations, BoK 8 Information Resource Management and Knowledge Management, and BoK 3 Information Needs and Design. Bok 3, 8, and 9, are absolutely crucial in fully developing management skills in an information or library setting.

The following is a series of professional development research projects centered around LIANZA’s BoKs. This series’s focus is primarily on the public library.

Segment 1 – Development of Culturally Appropriate Services

Segment 2 – Planning Library Week Promotions

Segment 3 – Researching E-Book Acquisitions