Norway – The Future of Corrections

An executive at the National Institute of Corrections recently contacted the NIC Information Center for help researching Norway’s criminal justice┬ásystem. In recent years Norway has completely revamped their correctional system, implemented some very innovative new policies, and not only reduced the number of incarcerated individuals, but also significantly lowered levels of recidivism. Norway’s successes are making headlines, and leaders in the field of corrections in the United States are taking notice.

In response to this information request, I helped to develop a report examining exactly how Norway implemented changes to correctional philosophy and policy in order to produce such dramatic results. This report is currently being reviewed by NIC executives to be submitted to executive members of the Bureau of Prisons, and will hopefully result in review of American correctional policies. It is exciting to learn about advances being made in the field of corrections, and to help be a part of such significant changes. This research project was one of the more interesting that I’ve worked on, please take a look:

Executive Report on Norway


*4/16/16 Update

This 60 Minutes broadcast showcases some innovative implementations in German prisons. Some of the concepts and practices in Germany parallel those of Norway, as well as some other Scandinavian countries. It’s definitely worth a look:

Privacy, Weekend Leave, Keys… This is Prison?